GOSSIP: Today's Wall Street Buzz in 60 Seconds

Charlotte DePersiaCharlotte DePersia

It’s Bailout Document Dump day! The Fed released data showing which banks took money from the Fed during the bailout, when they borrowed it, and how much they took.BofA confirmed it’s laying off a “small percentage” of workers in its global technology and operations unit.

Investment bank State Street is cutting 1,400 jobs. That amounts to more than 3% of its Massachusetts workforce being laid off.

Kim Kardashian’s New York store nearly doubled their average daily gross on Black Friday.

Jamie Dimon is a wordsmith and likes to use metaphors and similies when explaining complex financial jargon, and when he’s telling Obama not to be so mean.

Dan Loeb’s Third Point is up a huge 32.2 % this year in Third Point Partners, one of his 4 portfolios.

The newest ponzi schemers on the block is allegedly a crew of students who got fellow school kids to invest in their bogus medical-marijuana dispensary fund, police said.

The Wall Street Journal started referring to Bloomberg as “Bloomie.”

Citi is in advanced talks to hire former White House Budget Director Peter Orszag insiders say, which is interesting because the man who took over for Orszag came from Citi. rumours are floating that Orszag might land in the i-banking division.

Back in the day, Jamie Dimon wore leather (no surprise with James Dean as his idol) and used to protect his twin brother – yes he has a twin! – from bullies in the playground.

Off Wall Street bonus:

A Norwegian boss ordered all female staff to wear red bracelets when they have their periods, to make it easier for their superiors to know why they are using the toilet more often and to make sure productivity isn’t compromised.

Charlotte DePersia, a high-powered Hamptons real-estate broker was busted for a third DWI on Saturday night. She was speeding along the highway in Bridgehampton when she swerved into the opposite lane and smashed into another car.

Passengers will be allowed to bring their guns onto Amtrak trains starting December 15 (via Dealbreaker.)

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