The Day Wall Street Turned Into A Gigantic Pile Of Slush

stone st no foot traffic

What’s Wall Street doing on its snow day?

We wandered out to check out the scene.

Unfortunately we got there a little early — it’s snowing furiously now — and so what we got was a gigantic pile of slush.

No wonder the NYSE didn’t feel it was necessary to shut down trading — we wonder if they’re regretting that.

Here’s what we saw this morning.

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Broadway is a complete slush pile

Bank of New York Mellon cleared its sidewalks

See what I mean?

At least Trinity Place looks nice

The view from Wall Street at Broad Street

For once, no tourists!

The New York Stock Exchange

Slushy alleyways are plentiful down here

Goldman's old stomping grounds: 85 Broad, from the side

Stone Street with zero foot traffic

Ulysses Folk House was completely dead, but at least the food is still good

The Bowling Green subway stop looks pretty

As does this fancy old building next to it

CNBC was the only other outlet brave/dumb enough to venture outside

Damn it!

Now where were we? Ah yes, the charging bull

The snow picked up, the freezing rain hurt, so I ran for cover

See ya, Wall Street!

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