New Wall Street Game Launches On Facebook

Ender’s Fund Inc, founded by Jinsoo Park launches their new Wall Street Game on Facebook today. In the game, you play the role of a fund manager on Wall Street. The game actually ties into real stock market data and Ender’s does a great job of bringing a game mentality to Wall Street talk by using terminology like “beat the Street” and challenging your friends to a “throwdown” to see who can make the most market gains in a certain period of time. 

Where is the social aspect in Wall Street? You can HIRE your facebook friends and invest in their personal stock portfolios in the game. It feels like Mafia Wars meets Gazillionaire Deluxe, that old computer game from the 90’s with real life applications instead of dealing with alien investors. Wall Street Game’s developers say, “If you are winning in our game, you could be winning on the real Wall Street.”

It feels like a very low pressure way to learn about a high pressure job. Will ‘real-life application’ games be the new trend? 

Say goodbye to Angry Birds and say hello to “Let’s make money on Wall Street.”