Wall Street is raking in almost $100 million from a huge merger Monday

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Another merger Monday is good news for some of Wall Street’s biggest investment banks.

Hunting and fishing retailer Bass Pro Shops announced it was buying competitor Cabela’s for $5.5 billion. In the asset management world, Janus Capital and London-based Henderson Group announced a merger valuing the combined firm at $6 billion.

While the deals are good news for the firms involved, Wall Street is also making a killing off the mergers. Based on estimates from consulting firm Freeman & Co., the banks involved in the two deals stand to make as much as $95 million combined. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Bass Pro Shops-Cabela’s:
    • Buy-side (Bass Pro): $25 million to JPMorgan
    • Sell-side (Cabela’s): $30 million to Guggenheim
  • Janus-Henderson Group:
    • Henderson: $15 million to $20 million for Bank of America Merril Lynch and Centerview Partners
    • Janus: $15 million to $20 million to Loeb Spencer House

The deals also highlight the ongoing trend towards specialty and boutique shops advising mergers. Loeb Spencer House specialises in deals in the financial industry. Centerview is also a boutique with just $495 million in assets but has helped in huge deals such as the merger of Time Warner Cable and Charter.

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