55 photos of super shredded Wall Streeters

Andrew McOrmondZack DeLauneAndrew McOrmond, 42, a managing director at WallachBeth Capital, cranking out dips.

This weekend, the fastest and strongest people on Wall Street faced off in the annual Wall Street Decathlon at DaSilva Memorial Stadium at St. John’s University in Queens to determine who is the best athlete.

In about four hours, the Wall Streeters completed a 400-meter run, football throw, pull-ups, 40-yard dash, dips, 500-meter row, vertical jump, 20-yard shuttle, bench press, and an 800-meter run.

It’s all for a great cause too. The annual event raised $US1.5 million for pediatric cancer research and treatment at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Mark Rubin, who will be starting a new job at ICAP, won the “Wall Street’s Best Athlete” title for the fourth consecutive year. Citigroup analyst Laura Placentra captured the title of “Wall Street’s Best Female Athlete” during her first competition.

If you missed it, we’ve included photo highlights in the slides that follow. A big shout out to Zack DeLaune and Kevin McCarthy who were both kind enough to share their photos.

Former college hockey player Joel Rosenberg competed on team 'Aaron Conquers.' He finished the 400M run in 01:00.93.

Jefferies' Randy Giveans finished the 400M run 00:54.17, placing 8th overall for that event.

David Lazarus, a senior VP at Trillium Trading LLC, finished the 400M run in 00:57.31.

UBS associate director Peter Cabaj finished in 01:04.22.

Former Yale football player/ Barclays analyst Jacob Stoller ran the 400 meter race in 00:57.05.

Michael Bissmeyer, director at RBC Capital Markets, ran a 40 yard dash in 5.12.

Shane Remolina who works in trading solutions at Bloomberg L.P finished the 40 yard dash in 5.43.

Goldman Christian Schulz finished in 5.75.

Jefferies analyst Kris Martin finished the 40 yard dash in 4.8.

Clinton Biondo, managing director at Fir Tree Partners, ran a 4.75 40 yard dash. He killed it on the pull-ups with 41 reps.

Morgan Stanley associate Tom McCarthy ran a 4.8 40.

McCarthy crushed the football throw. The former Yale football player threw 75 yards.

Marc Howland, a 26-year-old associate at The Carlyle Group, cranked out 30 pull-ups.

David Carraturo from IRC Securities completed 26 pull-ups.

Barclays associate Peter Classi did 26 reps.

PIMCO vice president Peter Prinstein did 13.

Collin Zych, an associate at Greenhill & Co., did 23 pull-ups.

Greg Stripe of Lord Abbett cranked out 52 dips.

Andrew McOrmond, a managing director at WallachBeth Capital and member of the 'CNBC Halftime Report Traders' team, did 48 dips.

ICAP vice president and defending champion Mark Rubin did 54 dips.

Goldman Sachs VP Pierre Le Veaux dominated the 500M row. He finished in 1:18.

Former Yale football player Will McHale, an associate at Axiom International Investors, finished the row in 1:18.60. He dominated the bench press with 45 reps.

Jay Li, who works at Trafelet Brokaw & Co., finished the 500M row in 01:31.07.

UBS director Rob Befumo completed the 500M row in 01:30.80.

Rubin completed the row in 1:21.

Max Osbon, a partner at Osbon Capital Management, completed the 500M row in 01:28.10.

For the last three years, Max has been competing with his father John Osbon, who is also a partner at Osbon Capital Management.

Moody's Wes Erbe jumped 32 inches in the vertical jump.

Jefferies analyst Kris Martin jumped 31 inches.

JPMorgan Chase associate Michael Bennett jumped 34 inches.

Citi associate Chris Owens stretches out before the 20 yard dash. He ran it in 4.56.

Jefferies' Randy Giveans ran the 20 yard dash in 4.27.

Will McHale finished the shuttle in 4.2.

JPMorgan associate James Leong gets ready to run.

Wells Fargo's Jeff Bowman did it in 5.07.

Zych was explosive during the shuttle. He finished in 4.25.

Rubin did it in 4.35.

Jefferies' Kris Martin finished first in the 20 yard shuttle with a time of 4.01.

Citi associate/former Princeton football player Jaiye Falusi did 21 reps on the bench press.

We caught one guy doing pushups before the bench press as a 'warm up.'

Citi's Chris Owens and Goldman's Pierre Le Veaux during the 800 meter run.

Goldman Sachs VP Brian Kuritzky ran 02:17.12 for the 800M. He also raised more than $30,000.

Travis Melvin of Wells Fargo and Jaiye Falusi of Citi with their finisher medals

Here's the final heat of the 800M. By this time, it must have been close to 90 degrees.

Rubin did some last minute warm ups.

Zych looked focus for the event.

As did Rubin.

Goldman Sachs' Andrew Hogue always dominates the 800. He finished in 02:13.63.

All of the individual event winners.

It was close, but Rubin won 'Best Athlete' for the 4th consecutive year. He also didn't win first in a single individual event. Zych came in second and Li finished third.

This year, eight women competed.

Wells Fargo's Evelyn Konrad, who won the decathlon in 2013, finished the 400M in 01:04.42. She finished second this year.

Citi analyst Laura Placentra won four of the ten events.

Placentra threw the football 35 yards.

Placentra won the title of 'Wall Street's Best Female Athlete.' It was her first time competing.

Now let's check out another one of Wall Street's favourite sports...

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