The pillars of American finance are under attack

Wall Street has a cybersecurity problem.

Hackers have gone after banks, brokerages, news wires, and now it looks like they may have gone after business reporters too.

They are attacking just about every pillar of American finance. That includes the newsmakers themselves, the distributors of news, and the folks who are breaking the news too.

It was reported on Friday by Bloomberg that Russian hackers broke into Dow Jones servers and stolen information that they used to trade on.

A spokesperson for Dow Jones told Business Insider: “Since Bloomberg published its article, we have worked hard to establish whether the allegations it contains are correct. To date, we have been unable to find evidence of any such investigation.”

A spokesperson for the FBI confirmed that agency is aware of the intrusion and looking into it.

Another hacking case

The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and other Dow Jones publications often move shares of publicly listed stocks with scoops and analysis, and the hackers were reportedly seeking information on news stories being prepared.

Retail brokerage Scottrade announced earlier this month that it experienced a cyberattack in late 2013 and early 2014. The breach affected up to 4.6 million clients and was aimed at stealing names and street addresses.

Earlier this year, hackers and traders were accused of stealing more than 150,000 press releases from a handful of news wires back in August. Those new releases contained financial information that could be used for trading.

The case involved wires including PR Newswire, Marketwired, and Warren Buffet-owned Business Wire. Investment banking titan Goldman Sachs later made the decision not to report third quarter earnings on Business Wire.

JPMorgan, another Wall Street bank, was also the victim of a cyber attack. Hackers stole contact information for more than 70 million households in 2014.

It seems that no one in the financial services sector is safe.

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