It's Not Looking Good For Wall Street Bonus Season

Inflatable santa deflatedREUTERS/Mark BlinchAn inflatable Santa Claus decoration, deflated due to a power outage, is pictured after an ice storm hit Toronto, December 22, 2013.

Bonus payouts might miss the expectations of many Wall Streeters this season.

Johnson Associates published its latest projections for Wall Street compensation on Monday. Incentives for people working in hedge funds, fixed income and equities could drop as much as 10 per cent from 2013, a copy seen by Business Insider shows.

Hedge fund bonuses rose by as much as 15% last year, according to a similar survey.

Retail and commercial banking bonuses are projected to stay flat, while employees in investment banking and private equity firms could see a 10 – 15% rise in their bonuses.

The poll tallies responses from Wall Street’s biggest banks and asset managers.

Last month, we reported that 60% of Wall Streeters are expecting their bonuses to increase this year. We also reported that Bloomberg projects Morgan Stanley’s investment bankers will have the best bonuses on Wall Street, while JP Morgan and Citi’s bond traders will see the least payouts.

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