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Does the stock market even need the Trump trade anymore?

In the months right after the presidential election, the sectors seen as most closely tied to President Donald Trump’s proposed policies — most notably financials and industrials — soared. But an interesting wrinkle has formed: Whenever one of the plentiful negative Trump headlines hits news wires, investors are mostly unshaken.

In fact, the stock market’s biggest driver hasn’t been this healthy in years.

Ford Motor Co. announced the departure of CEO Mark Fields on Monday. Here’s what you need to know:

In deal news, Huntsman and Clariant are joining forces to create a $US14 billion chemical behemoth. Trump signed a massive $US110 billion deal with Saudi Arabia that focuses on defence. And Blackstone is launching a $US40 billion infrastructure fund, with a $
20 billion anchor investment from Saudi Arabia’s main sovereign wealth fund.

A “paradigm shift” is taking place in financial technology, according to Morgan Stanley. Only a “handful” of robo-advice startups will survive, according to the US investment bank.

Economists are puzzled about why incomes aren’t rising — but workers have a good hunch. In related news, a millionaire former BlackRock exec slammed McDonald’s over its treatment of workers. And the “gig economy” has broken a fundamental link in capitalism that was good for workers.

Thousands are flocking to a credit card that helps people repair their bad FICO scores and avoid payday loans. And baby boomers are making it harder for millennials to buy homes.

Here’s why hedge fund legend George Soros is a favourite target of the right.

Here are a couple of views on the market:

There’s an exclusive, invite-only restaurant inside the New York Stock Exchange where only listed companies and employees can eat. And see inside the epic Manhattan party honouring Goldman Sachs and Diddy.

In other news, Sears’ CEO blames the media for the company’s decline — but his obsession with Wall Street set the retailer up for failure. The carnage in retail is good news, but only if you know where to look.

It’s official: SoftBank’s tech fund has become world’s biggest with $US93 billion to invest. Panasonic is making a massive bet on electric cars — here’s why the US CEO says it’s a “slam dunk” investment. And here’s how Apple becomes a $US1 trillion company, according to RBC Capital Markets.

A small Boston biotech is at the heart of a groundbreaking approach to tackling cancer. And Google Ventures’ life-sciences team has a second job — and it helps them make better investments.

Lastly, we drove the $US300,000 McLaren supercar designed to beat Ferrari — and it was incredible.

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