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After a brutal beatdown on Wednesday, investors are wasting no time picking themselves up off the mat.

There are three big reasons why Wall Street shouldn’t freak out too much about the Trump-Comey bombshell, according to Business Insider’s Bob Bryan. In related news, the Trump administration formally launched NAFTA renegotiations, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin just handed Wall Street some great news.

Brazilian markets are getting rocked amid another growing political scandal. Wall Street firms are likely getting hit.

On Wall Street, Mizuho, the Japanese bank with big ambitions in trading, has made a key hire. New York Stock Exchange is ferociously defending its territory. And Lloyd Blankfein was given two bits of advice when he became a partner at Goldman Sachs, and they sum up the company culture.

An ex-Wall Street banker is offering luxury camping rentals that could be the future of weekend getaways

Traders fear these 15 nightmare stocks, according to Goldman Sachs. Walmart just proved it’s immune to the retail apocalypse. And a $US25 billion biotech’s stock is popping on its promising cancer data.

Tesla factory employees described gruelling work conditions where people pass out “like a pancake.” And Elon Musk just admitted that Tesla’s stock is out of control.

In tech news:

Lastly, Bentley created a super luxe SUV specifically designed for falconry — and it looks awesome.

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