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For months, traders have been wondering what it would take to shake confidence in a record-breaking market that has seemed immune to presidential scandal. Apparently, talk of a potential impeachment of President Trump — after his reported strong-arming and then firing of FBI Director James Comey — has gotten investors’ attention.

Here’s what you need to know:

In Wall Street news, the New York Stock Exchange is slowing down trading for a key market. Morgan Stanley raised $US125 million for a new fund — and it highlights one of the hottest trends in investing.

Buffalo Wild Wings just torched a Bill Ackman protégé. A struggling hedge fund has reportedly suffered about $US1 billion in outflows.

Traders betting against Snap made $US150 million off its earnings disaster. An “asset class du jour” is emerging out of the retail apocalypse. Traders are using a clever trick to make money from the most boring market in years.

And we talked to Robert De Niro talks about how he got inside the head of Bernie Madoff for his new movie.

In company news:

Lastly, these 22 whiskeys just won the highest honour at an international spirits competition.

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