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A fierce battle over healthcare reform within the Republican Party is causing Wall Street to sharply reassess its optimism about President Donald Trump’s economic policy agenda, as evidenced by the sharpest sell-off in stocks this year.

In related news, bank lobbyists who opened the Trump era with great expectations for sweeping regulatory reform are privately striking an increasingly dismal tone.

In markets news, stocks could see a quick 10% drop, according to Credit Suisse. Money managers agree one trade is really crowded, but they’re loading up on it anyway. And there’s a problem in the auto loan market.

In Wall Street news, here’s the definitive ranking of investment banks in every business line. A top Barclays banker quit his job to fight for civil liberties. And here’s a top Societe Generale banker on what New York’s doormen reveal about doing business in America.

Sears just made an ominous prediction about its future — and now the stock is tanking.

In tech, GE Healthcare is planning to add 5,000 software engineers. Snapchat is proving its street cred with TV advertisers. Apple is abandoning its expensive image. Pinterest expects to make at least $US500 million in revenue this year, but doesn’t have “current plans” for an IPO.

And here’s the real motivations behind the growing YouTube advertiser boycott.

Here’s what the CEO of Deloitte told her 15-year-old son when he asked if robots will take away his job someday.

The US government’s electronics ban blindsided the world’s best airlines — and the worst could be yet to come.

Lastly, here are s
tunning photos of the 10 happiest places on Earth.

Here are the top Wall Street headlines from the past 24 hours.

CREDIT SUISSE: Here are the “danger signals” we’re watching that will tell us when stocks have put in a top The global equity strategy team at Credit Suisse thinks the bull market in stocks is not yet over. But that’s not stopping them from contemplating what the end would look like.

The US head at one of the top trading firms in the world explains what’s going on in the stock market The US stock market is barely moving.

American Airlines is reportedly investing $US200 million in China’s largest airline American Airlines might be spending some serious cash in China.

Nike sinks after missing estimates on an important gauge of future sales Nike shares fell 6% early on Wednesday after the company reported quarterly profits that topped the most bullish forecast on Wall Street but sales that slightly missed expectations.

Morgan Stanley’s lead auto analyst thinks data will rule the auto industry’s future – Morgan Stanley’s lead auto analyst, Adam Jonas, is now also being described by the bank as a “shared mobility” researcher — a clear signal that among Wall Streeters, he’s continuing his campaign to be the most out-there student of the disruption currently going on in the transportation business.

A battleground stock for Wall Street’s short sellers is getting hammered – Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA) wrote a letter to the inspector general of the Department of Defence, requesting that he look into TransDigm Group, a controversial aeroplane-part manufacturer and supplier of companies like Boeing.

Google made an unusual move by investing millions in this Pittsburgh storage startup Nine-year-old Pittsburgh-based data center storage company Avere Systems announces a new $US14 million round of funding, with participation from its existing Silicon Valley venture investors and from Google.

PIMCO: The odds of a “full-blown trade war” are lower than they were four months ago Pimco, the investment-management firm, has released its latest cyclical outlook for the global economy during the next 12 months.

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