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Elliott Associates. Bridgewater. Baupost. They’re some of the biggest names in investing. They’re also warning of increasing risks in the stock market.

US stocks have had a good run since the election of Donald Trump. The promise of tax cuts, repatriation of overseas profits and deregulation had Wall Street abuzz almost immediately after Trump’s win. But the speed and scale of the rally, and the realisation that Trump’s policies aren’t only good news for investors, has a number of influential voices sounding the alarm.

In related news:

In hedge fund news, one of the most senior women in the hedge fund industry has left Dan Loeb’s Third Point. And Hillary Clinton’s son-in-law is reportedly shutting down his hedge fund.

On Wall Street, the battle between the New York Stock Exchange and its critics just hit a new low: The participants in the war of words are now arguing over Game of Thrones references. And in deal news, Moelis beat Wall Street giants to be the sole adviser for the soon-to-be most valuable public company on earth.

Greece’s national debt is unsustainable and liable to become “explosive” once the country tries to refinance its loans at market interest rates from 2030, the International Monetary Fund said in a staff report. And Greece’s crisis flare-up couldn’t come at a worse time for France, according to Business Insider’s Pedro da Costa.

Lastly, here’s the inside story of Fling, a startup whose founder partied on an island while his company burned through $21 million.

Here are the top Wall Street headlines from the past 24 hour

The case for why Amazon should buy Macy’s – Macy’s is reportedly in talks to sell itself to Saks owner Hudson’s Bay, but its best possible buyer may actually be the company that triggered the decline of its retail dominance: Amazon.

Bitcoin dropped sharply and suddenly on more news out of China – Bitcoin tumbled by more than 4% in a matter of 15 minutes on Wednesday after Bloomberg reported that the People’s Bank of China was meeting with several local bitcoin exchanges to discuss money-laundering concerns.

A $2.3 billion European payment business backed by Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey grew by 80% last year – A European payments business backed by some of Silicon Valley’s most famous names processed $90 billion (£72.8 billion) worth of payments in 2016.

Short sellers are getting steamrolled by Tesla – Short sellers are getting steamrolled by the rally in Tesla. The company’s shares have soared more than 40% since the company closed on its acquisition of SolarCity.

Apple can’t avoid its $13 billion tax bill through Trump’s tax reforms, EU says – With President Trump talking about tax reform, is there a chance that Apple will be able to get out of its €13 billion Irish tax bill altogether? The short answer from the EU is: no.

Disney beat on earnings despite struggles at ESPN – Disney, the media giant, reported slightly higher than expected earnings for their fiscal first quarter on Tuesday.

Buffalo Wild Wings tumbles after missing big across the board – Shares of Buffalo Wild Wings fell by as much as 6% after the company’s fourth-quarter report missed by a wide margin on both the top and bottom lines. The company’s full-year 2017 earnings outlook was also well below expectations.

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