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For a company like Boeing, President Donald Trump’s “America First” policies, which represent a sharp departure for the US, threaten the way the company does business.

Take its 787 Dreamliner. It’s a flying symbol of an interconnected world economy, one with a network of global suppliers that would be hard to unravel with government policies, and a global group of customers waiting to buy the plans.

The Dreamliner is like the United Nations of planes. As a result, Trump’s “America First” policies are catapulting Boeing into dangerous territory.

Chinese tech billionaire Jack Ma made headlines last month for visiting Donald Trump and announcing his company Alibaba would help create 1 million jobs for the US. On Saturday in Australia, he warned in no uncertain terms that a retreat from globalization would only result in trouble. “If trade stops, war starts,” Ma said.

With its future in doubt, Business Insider published a guide to everything NAFTA — past, present, and future.

In related news, everyone seems to be talking about a border tax these days — but few people seem to know what they’re talking about. According to Business Insider’s Pedro da Costa, there’s one big problem with such a tax.

In other business news, Trump could approve a giant merger that’s scaring American farmers. Starbucks has become a target of Trump-loving conservatives. And the CEO of Nissan-Renault has figured out what Trump’s “America First” doctrine means for the auto industry.

In investing news, hedge funds are tracking your every move, and “it’s the future of investing.” And a partner at $20 billion investment firm Tiger Global has left.

In the tech sector, Here’s how Imran Khan swapped Wall Street for a huge role at Snapchat and earned $150 million in two years.

It’s too early to start thinking of Tesla as something more than a car company, according to Business Insider’s Matt DeBord. And here’s why Elon Musk isn’t stepping down from Trump’s advisory council.

Lastly, here are 20 women in finance you should add to your company’s board.

Here are the top Wall Street headlines from the past 24 hour

ECB’S Draghi fires back at the Trump team European Central Bank President Mario Draghi has joined the fray regarding whether or not the euro is manipulated.

One of the largest middlemen in the pharma industry just shed a little light on the murky world of drug pricing – The US prices its prescription drugs with a notoriously opaque system.

One country almost perfectly fits the description of a ‘currency manipulator’ — and Trump hasn’t singled it out yet Throughout his campaign and during the opening weeks of his presidency, Donald Trump has lashed out against countries that he has said are taking advantage of the strength of the US dollar relative to their currencies.

The ruble hits a 19-month high after a hawkish statement by Russia’s central bank The Russian ruble has climbed to its best level in 19 months.

Tiffany & Co is sliding as its CEO resigns – The high-end jeweller said its chairman and former chief executive, Michael Kowalski, would serve as interim CEO while the board of directors seeks a new one.

Here’s a copy of the executive order Trump signed on Americans’ retirement money – The White House has released a copy of the executive order that President Donald Trump signed Friday on the fiduciary rule.

Here’s what everyone in the drug industry is talking about right now – We’re only one month into 2017, and yet there have already been a bunch of headlines focused on the healthcare sector.

Here are the fastest growing states in the US – America’s population is growing and dynamic.

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