This Wall Street Analyst Burned Out So Badly His Parents Had To Escort Him To Work

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Here at Clusterstock, we’re always scrounging around for hilarious, ridiculous, or just awful stories about people’s experiences on Wall Street. (We open the floor for you to send us a few.)And thanks to those who already have, including one former Wall Street intern who sent us this story of a Burnt Out Analyst whose over-worked brain had turned into mush. It got so bad, in fact, that at the very bottom of his bottom-out, his parents took him to work.

Can you imagine anything worse? On Wall Street? No. Nothing’s worse.

This analyst had been working at the bank for a number of years. In recent week’s though, the bank had been short-staffed and he was working constantly. His respite was coming, though, because the bank had hired another analyst on the last week of our source’s internship.

The Thursday night before the new analyst would start on Monday, poor burnt out analyst was begging people to help him with his work. There had been tension about his distributing his work to others, though, and his co-workers declined.

On Monday the new analyst showed up for her first day.There was a deliverable in the morning that we had to get shipped out, and the burnt out analyst was supposed to have been in the office early in the morning to take care of it.

At 9am he’s a no-show 10am, 11am still not there. His co-workers call him and his phone is off. 11:30 comes, the door opens to him and his parents who were visiting him from China. The guy looked like hell.

His parents walk up to our source, since he speaks Chinese, and told him that Burnt Out Analyst needed to go to a hospital because he hasn’t slept all weekend. The, Burnt Out Analyst went to his desk, started talking gibberish and slammed his mouse and his head on the keyboard. He kept on saying he’d get everything done right away. No joke, it looked like something from the exorcist.

Burnt Out Analyst ended up going to the hospital and our source never saw him again. Additionally, our source thinks the new analyst was totally freaked out on her first day. Suffice to say that she left the place after a couple of months working there.

Now is that awful or what?

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