How one of the most gruesome scenes from Sunday's 'The Walking Dead' came to life

Warning: There are massive spoilers ahead if you have not watched the mid-season premiere of “The Walking Dead.”
A lot happened on Sunday’s mid-season premiere of “The Walking Dead.”

The hit AMC series brought to life one of the biggest scenes from the popular comic series so far. While you may be reeling over the biggest shockers of the night, you probably didn’t realise that the mid-season premiere was the first time the makeup and visual effects crew tried out a new technique to show off some zombie gore.

Tech Insider caught up with episode director and make-up supervisor Greg Nicotero before the season return to find out how some of the episode’s big moments came together.

Last chance to head back before spoilers!

About midway through the episode, Jessie’s son Sam (Major Dodson) gets torn apart by several walkers.

Sam the walking deadAMCViewers probably weren’t surprised to see Sam’s demise in episode 9. He’s been on edge for a while.

However, there’s one zombie in particular you should look out for in the mid-season premiere. Look out for the walker who takes a bite into Sam’s forehead. You’ll see a bunch of blood comes rushing out of the wound.

In the past, the series has pulled off similar effects by having actors wear blood filled tubes or by using a prosthetic on the actor. That wasn’t the case this time.

“One of my make-up artists — Gino Crognale — who’s played numerous walkers in the show, he played the walker who bit Sam,” Nicotero explained. “And the way we did that gag was something we’ve never done before. We built a set of dentures — zombie dentures that had blood tubing attached to the teeth so we could see him bite on his forehead and blood shot out of his forehead. And we did that by pumping blood out of his teeth as opposed to doing a prosthetic on Major.”

The series has been making custom zombie dentures on the show since season one. Every season it looks like the show continues to find another way to evolve the way in which they are used.

Greg nicotero the walking dead season oneScott Garfield/AMCGreg Nicotero working on a zombie from season one of ‘The Walking Dead.’

“I love that I’ve been doing this for 30 years and we’re six seasons into it and we’re still coming up with fun, cool ways to do gags,” added Nicotero.

Nicotero himself has shown up in several episodes of the series in full zombie makeup, but you probably won’t spot him in the mid-season premiere — unless you really know where to look.

“I think my hands are in there,” says Nicotero. “There’s a couple little tribute zombies in there.”

Greg nicotero season 6 zombieGene Page/AMCHere’s Nicotero in plain sight in an earlier season six episode of ‘The Walking Dead.’ This is the episode where Glenn is surrounded by zombies atop a garbage dumpster.

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