'The Walking Dead' showrunner addresses whether we'll see Maggie again: 'We left the door open for her to come back into the show or the universe'

Jackson Lee Davis/AMCLauren Cohan is starring on a new ABC show launching late February. ‘The Walking Dead’ hopes to see her back in some capacity.

  • Lauren Cohan departed “The Walking Dead’s” ninth season in November, but the show left her exit open-ended to hopefully bring her back at some point.
  • Cohan played Maggie Rhee on AMC’s zombie drama since season two.
  • Showrunner Angela Kang tells INSIDER there are still conversations about bringing the character back either onto the show or somewhere in the larger “Walking Dead” universe.

Last November not only saw the exit of Andrew Lincoln from “The Walking Dead,” but also the departure of lead star Lauren Cohan on the same episode as she heads to a new series on ABC this February.

Cohan may not be gone for good, though. Showrunner Angela Kang has been hoping to get her to return as she’s working on “The Walking Dead’s” 10th season.

“We’ve been talking about it,” she told INSIDER about seeing Cohan in “The Walking Dead” universe again. “I don’t have much of an update I can share.”

Twd 901 maggie lauren cohanJackson Lee Davis/AMCLauren Cohan on the season nine premiere of ‘The Walking Dead.’

If and when Cohan does return, Kang hinted we could either see Maggie once again on the AMC flagship “TWD” series or maybe somewhere else in the ever-expanding universe.

“I can just reiterate that we adore Maggie, we left the door open for her to come back into the show or the universe,” Kang continued. “So I’m hopeful we’ll see more of Maggie. We certainly have more stories planned for her.”

Kang previously expressed interest in continuing Maggie’s storyline on season 10 to ComicBook.com’s Brandon Davis, noting she and Cohan were in contact. Chief content officer of AMC’s “Walking Dead” universe, Scott M. Gimple, announced a larger world of shows and films last November. In addition to three “Walking Dead” movies, Gimple said the network has plans for a mix or longer and shorter series along with digital content on AMC’s “Talking Dead.” That means Cohan could potentially appear on any of those.

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Tuesday, at the Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles, The Hollywood Reporter asked Cohan whether or not we may see a spinoff for her “Walking Dead” character.

“There may have been some conversations, but everything is so early-days ambiguous. Me, as much as anybody, we’ll have to see what happens,” Cohan answered.

Maggie the walking dead 901Jackson Lee Davis/AMCMichonne and Maggie weren’t on the best of terms when we last saw them together, but they did respect one another.

When INSIDER previously spoke with executive producer and director Greg Nicotero last fall, he seemed hopeful of Cohan’s return to the show at some point.

“Me personally, I feel we’ll probably be seeing Maggie a little more than people think,” Nicotero said.

Cohan has played Maggie Rhee on “TWD” since season two and was among the last “Walking Dead” cast members signed on to return for season nine. TV Guide reported her decision to leave the zombie drama after eight seasons was due to money.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress was “not happy with the offers” she was receiving from AMC around this time last year. Currently, its lead star Danai Gurira is negotiating a new contract to return for the show’s 10th season.

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Cohan will next appear on ABC’s “Whiskey Cavalier” at the end of February. You can watch a trailer for it here.

“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC Sunday at 9 p.m. You can follow along with our coverage here.

A representative for AMC declined to comment on the the actresses’ contracts for this article.

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