8 questions we need answered after Sunday’s heartbreaking episode of ‘The Walking Dead’

Where did you go, Rick? Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” “What Comes After.”

Rick Grimes’ final episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” left viewers in a knot when the fan favourite flew off in a helicopter with Anne at the episode’s end. It then became more puzzling when the story skipped ahead several years without Rick.

Where did he go and why haven’t we seen him? Who are all of these new characters? INSIDER breaks down the biggest questions you’re asking after Rick’s open-ended farewell.

Where did Rick go?

Where was that helicopter going? Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Rick’s fate was left open-ended when he flew away on a helicopter.

This will be the biggest lingering question on every fan’s mind. Where did Rick go and why hasn’t he made his way back to his family in the years that have passed? Is he being held prisoner somewhere? Was he left injured so badly that he can’t make his way back to them?

It sounds like we’ll find out in a series of movies which will follow Rick Grimes. Chief content officer of “The Walking Dead” announced them on “Talking Dead” after Sunday’s episode.

OK — but seriously. What’s the deal with the helicopters?

Rick spots a helicopter on season seven. Perhaps, he was destined to leave on a helicopter. AMC

We’ve seen helicopters teased since the pilot episode. We know that the mystery chopper Rick first saw on season seven is at least one that has been in correspondence with Jadis/Anne. The two have some sort of deal of trading people for supplies. This is how she kept her community alive.

It’s not clear how she knows them or where she and Rick flew off to, but Anne made it sound to Gabriel like this would be a one-way ticket and that he wouldn’t be allowed to leave if he went on the trip.

What does it mean to be an “A” or a “B”?

Jadis/Anne knows the answer. It looked like she was originally going to make Rick an ‘A’ during season eight, episode seven (seen above). Gene Page/AMC

When Anne was messaging the helicopter gang it seemed as if anyone marked an “A” was a leader-type and “B” was someone who was more of a follower.

But it may very well be that “A” and “B” means “After” or “Before” you’re turned into one of the dead.


Originally, Anne told Gabriel she thought he was a “B,” but then when he was going to tell Rick what she was doing she decided he was an “A.” At first, it seemed like she was impressed with him and found him to be more of a leader, but then we saw she was going to have a walker turn him into one of the undead.

When Anne found Rick at the episode’s end, she surprisingly declared Rick was a “B” and not an “A.” If an “A” denoted a leader, Rick would have been the ultimate definition of an “A.” But now that we know he’s a “B,” we know the classification isn’t that simple.

It’s a little strange that people in a helicopter would want walkers or people turning into them. But perhaps there are still parts of the government around doing testing on people who turn into one of the undead.

Did we just get a hint about a missing character?

Heath went missing on season seven of ‘The Walking Dead.’ Gene Page/AMC

Anne is seen driving an RV that looks a lot like the one Heath was last seen inside on season seven. After show “Talking Dead” confirmed they were one and the same.

What does that mean? Was Heath among the people who Jadis/Anne traded for goods? We know she was trafficking people to the mystery helicopter.

Fans have noticed the RV appearing in the junkyard. And creator Robert Kirkman said at New York Comic Con that we may see Corey Hawkins return as Heath again.

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Exactly how long is the time jump?

How old is Judith here? AMC

Judith is supposed to be about three or four on season nine of “The Walking Dead.” When the show flashes forward at the end of Sunday’s episode, she appears to be about nine or 10.

It’s never said aloud or on screen during this episode, but it’s clear several years have passed and that raises even more questions about Rick’s disappearance.

Will Rick be back?

He has to be back even in a short capacity at some point, right? Doesn’t he want to know what’s going on with Judith? Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

We have to imagine that the answer is yes – at some point. At San Diego Comic-Con, when he announced his departure from the show, Andrew Lincoln said his relationship with Rick Grimes was far from over.

Lincoln said he wanted to be able to spend time with his family, but we know he’ll be back to most likely direct an episode of season 10.

Has Rick gone searching for his family?

He’s been missing for years on end. What’s going on? Gene Page/AMC

As some have already pointed out, if about six years have gone by since Rick flew away on the helicopter that means he has spent more time away from his family than he was ever with them on the first nine seasons of the show.

Majorly due to Judith’s age before the time jump, we know that somewhere around four to five years of time has passed in total on “The Walking Dead” up until Rick’s disappearance.

It’s difficult to believe that Rick would just give up on finding his family, something which becomes a big theme of his final episode. As the Michonne hallucination notes to Rick, he’s a fighter. So something major must have happened if it’s keeping him away from those he loves.

Did anyone even go searching for Rick?

Someone must have went searching for Rick if they recovered his gun. Gene Page/AMC

It seemed a bit strange to me that everyone just accepted his fate so easily. This is Rick!

But I’m going to assume they went looking for him, because it looks like older Judith is holding onto her dad’s gun and we know he last had that on the bridge while blowing it up.