9 details you may have missed on Sunday's episode of 'The Walking Dead'

Jackson Lee Davis/AMCRick is trying to keep everything running smoothly between the communities, but he’s not having an easy time of it.

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” “The Bridge.”

Sunday’s “The Walking Dead” showed that the biggest threat to Rick’s group of survivors may not be the undead, but each other.

As Daryl went head-to-head with multiple members of the Sanctuary, it appears as if another mysterious person is taking them out. While you’re trying to figure out who may be responsible the missing Saviors and wrap your head around a new potential romance, INSIDER rounded some smaller references to previous seasons and the comics you may have overlooked.

There’s some really cool artwork in Maggie’s new Hilltop quarters you may have missed during a quick moment. Keep reading to see what you may have missed.

Rick passes by a sign for the other neighbouring communities. We haven’t seen one of them on the list.

AMCWe know about Oceanside, Alexandria, and the Sanctuary.

The mention of Toledo should catch the attention of some comic readers.

Eventually, in the comics, Rick’s group comes across a large group of survivors living in Ohio.

Skybound, AMC/Gene PagePamela Milton describes the Commonwealth community to Michonne in the comics in issue #176.

We’ve already seen another hint at Toledo on the episode premiere. There was a windmill with “The Commonwealth” written on it. That’s the name of the community from the comics that’s located in Ohio.

What do we know about The Commonwealth?

They’re a community of 50,000 led by a woman named Pamela Milton. Though we haven’t met anyone yet by that name on the show, we have a feeling we may have already seen a version of Milton on the series on season eight who was also mentioned on Sunday’s episode.

Jesus mentions Georgie and the twins to Maggie.

Skybound, AMC/Gene PageCould Georgie be a version of Pamela? Jesus hints that Georgie wants Maggie to help her rebuild the world. We expect that to come into play later this season.

Georgie (Jayne Atkinson) appeared very briefly last season to give Maggie a book on rebuilding her community. Georgie told Maggie she was going to return at some point to see how they were doing and it looks like she has done just that.

Atkinson told INSIDER she and her son originally thought she could have been a version of Pamela. We’ll have to wait and see whether or not the Toledo community belongs to Georgie and her twin bodyguards.

Jerry has found a new romance in the zombie apocalypse.

AMCExpect to see more of Jerry and Nabila on screen.

If you didn’t recognise his new love interest, that’s Nabila from the Kingdom.

Cooper Andrews, who plays Jerry, told INSIDER the kiss with Nabila (Nadine Marissa) was his first one on-screen. He practiced and did a lot of homework, movies and TV shows like “The Office,” to make sure that he got it just right.

You can read more about their relationship here.

Rick asks Rosita if they have sirens in place to divert a herd of over 100 walkers.

Jackson Lee Davis/AMCRick has a new system to move large groups of walkers away from the communities.

There’s probably a specific reason Rick is using sirens to move groups of walkers. He’s had a lot of unfortunate experiences with them.

Siren noises worked against the group at the prison and later during the sixth season as Rick was trying to move a giant herd.

AMCIt sounds like Rick has finally mastered something which got the best of him in the past.

On the season six premiere, a giant horn echoed for miles luring a lot of the undead straight to Alexandria. It wound up being the result of a truck crashing into a wall.

As he said on the season nine premiere, it sounds like Rick has learned from past mistakes to help the group in the future.

Anne made portraits of people Maggie has lost.

AMCThis shouldn’t be a surprise. Anne was a talented sculptor and artist when we first met her at the junkyard.

You can see portraits of Maggie’s husband Glenn and father Hershel hanging up at the Hilltop among others.

Maggie sympathizes with Earl after he opens up to her about a drinking problem.

AMCMaggie has a heart to heart with Earl.

Maggie is able to empathise with the man who threatened her life because he reminded her of his father.

On season two, we learn Hershel Green had been an alcoholic. Maggie recounts this to Michonne.

AMCHershel fell off the wagon briefly on season two’s episode, ‘Nebraska.’

“You know my Daddy drank? He was a good man, and if he hadn’t been given a second chance a lot of people would have been worse off for it,” Maggie tells Michonne of why she changed her mind about Earl.

“I count myself as one of them,” says Michonne, referencing how Hershel died at the hands of the Governor on the show’s fourth season.

Maggie mentions having a council at the Hilltop to Michonne.

AMCMaggie says ‘the council’ will help her decide when Earl doesn’t need to work under supervision anymore.

A council was put in place to govern over the prison after the end of season three until the Governor blew the location up. Glenn sat on that council along with her Hershel, Carol, Daryl, and others.

Tara is seen wearing a bright pair of orange shades.

AMCTara is playing lookout for the undead.

She has had those sunglasses for a long time.

She has had those same sunglasses since season seven.

AMC, INSIDER compositeShe picked them up from a store on her way back from Oceanside.

Tara also found a bobblehead for her girlfriend Denise. Unfortunately, she later learned Denise was killed before she could gift it.

Part of Rick’s cell speech with Negan comes straight from the comic.

AMC, SkyboundOn Sunday’s episode, Rick tells Negan that the communities are doing just fine with him.

Comic fans probably recognised the last lines of their exchange with some minor changes.

“You think just because they had a little ‘weenie roast, that you got all this on lock? When it finally goes to sh–, and it will, you make sure you come back and you tell me all about that day, too,” Negan tells Rick from his cell.

“We’re thriving without you, building a future just like I said we would,” says Rick.

“Building it for who? For Carl?” Negan asks. “Your family’s gone Rick. Same as mine. That bridge, it’s not the future. It’s a monument to the dead. You’re not saving the world, Rick. You’re just getting it ready for me.”

Those last lines come directly from issue #129, seen above.

The biggest difference is that Rick’s conversation with Negan is mostly subdued, calm, and collected. In the comics, Rick and Negan don’t have many pleasantries to exchange.

Instead, the conversation slightly mirrors those Carl had with Negan, who is still alive in the comic. Carl and Negan wound up having very intimate, personal discussions about Rick and Carl’s love life while Negan was behind bars. The two had a mutual respect for one another, despite Carl proclaiming he still wanted to kill Negan.

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