Here's our first clip of 'The Walking Dead' return to TV next month

The walking deadAMCJesus is going to lead Rick and the group to the Kingdom.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead for “The Walking Dead” season seven.

We have exactly one month until “The Walking Dead” returns from its hiatus, and AMC has delivered with a sneak peek at the next episode. 

What can fans expect?

It looks like Rick and most of his group have headed to the Hilltop to seek out numbers to join them in their pending war against Negan. It doesn’t exactly sound as though the plea for more people went over too well with the Hilltop’s current leader, Gregory. We hear Rick tell the group they need more hands to help, perhaps another group.

Of course, Daryl’s less interested in the number of men they have and more invested in the sort of damage they can create. He’s ready for more explosions.

Daryl walking deadAMCDaryl likes blowing things up as we saw in season six, episode nine.

Not so fast.

Just when it looks like Rick’s out of options, Jesus decides it may be time for Rick and the crew to meet King Ezekiel and the people of the Kingdom. “King Ezekiel?” asks a sceptical Rick. Yeah, we know, it sounds a bit silly, but this team up should be a good one. Plus, wait until he gets an eyeful of the tiger. 

You can check out the first clip from “The Walking Dead” return below. The series returns to AMC February 12 at 9 p.m. 

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