Police in England found a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire after a car chase, and it looks just like Lucille from 'The Walking Dead'

Gene Page/AMC; Essex PoliceA composite image showing Jeffrey Dean Morgan, whose character on ‘The Walking Dead’ uses the spiked baseball bat, and the weapons recovered by the Essex Police.
  • Police in England found an exact replica of a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire featured in “The Walking Dead” named Lucille.
  • Officers found the weapon after a car chase in Essex on Saturday.
  • The bat’s owner managed to escape from the police, but left four weapons – including the Lucille lookalike – in the car.
  • Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, whose character, Negan, uses Lucille to terrorize people in the TV show, saw the news and jokingly pleaded his innocence.

Police in England discovered a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire after a police chase on Saturday – and it is just like iconic weapon Lucille from the TV show “The Walking Dead.”

Essex police found four weapons – including the baseball bat – in a car that had been ditched after a police chase in South Ockendon, Essex, Police Constable Paul Glensman tweeted after the chase.

Here’s the “Walking Dead” character Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, carrying Lucille in the show.

Negan the walking dead season 7 finaleGene Page/AMCMorgan as Negan in ‘The Walking Dead.’

And here’s the photo of the Lucille replica seized by Essex police.

LiucileEssex PoliceThe weapons found by Essex Police: The bat just like Lucille is at the top, covered in barbed wire.

Lucille became an iconic part of the AMC show after Negan used it to kill multiple characters, including Steven Yeun’s Glenn, in the show. The weapon was named after Negan’s late wife, Lucille.

Glensman tweeted photos of the car and the weapons on Saturday and tagged Morgan’s handle in his caption. “Some nasty items found inside, including @JDMorgan’s #lucille,” he wrote. “Glad these have at least been taken off the streets tonight.”

He added that the weapon’s owner “got away,” but said the force had started inquiries into the case. INSIDER has contacted Essex Police for further comment.

Morgan responded and appeared to jokingly plead his innocence, writing, “I’m in Georgia USA!!” Police replied in jest, saying they would eliminate Morgan from their investigation.

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