Leaked video shows a different 'Walking Dead' actor who could have been killed in the season 7 premiere

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for “The Walking Dead” season seven premiere.

“The Walking Dead” killed off two fan favourites in its season seven opener, but if you were scouring the internet for spoilers ahead of the episode premiere you may have thought someone very different would be feeling the wrath of Lucille’s bat.

A leaked video showing Maggie (Lauren Cohan) being killed at the end of season six by Negan was uploaded to YouTube October 22. Brandon Davis over at Comicbook.com spotted the video Monday.

By now, fans know Maggie is safe from harm, and looks like she is well on her way to taking charge of the group from Rick (as soon as she gets better that is). 

As Davis noted, maybe this was something that was leaked ahead of time to try and throw viewers off ahead of Sunday’s premiere. It was reported earlier this year that the cast and crew filmed every member of Rick’s group in the lineup getting killed. We saw a lot of that footage used throughout the episode as Rick imagined his comrades being brutally beaten by Negan’s bat. 

If the goal was to make the Maggie video go viral, it didn’t work out too well. As of Tuesday morning, the clip has only been viewed a little over 600,000.

You can check out the leaked clip below while it’s still online. It’s a pretty tough video to watch, knowing that Maggie’s character is pregnant in the show. If the leaked clip isn’t doing it for you, maybe all 11 death sequences will eventually make it to the season seven Blu-ray.

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