We finally know what happened to a fan-favourite on 'The Walking Dead' and fans are freaking out

Glenn the walking deadGene Page/AMCWe finally know whether or not Glenn is alive on ‘The Walking Dead.’

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for “The Walking Dead.”
After four long weeks, “The Walking Dead” fans finally have the answer they have been waiting for: Is Glenn alive or is he dead?

At the end of season 6 episode three, fans were left stunned when it appeared as if the fan favourite was killed off in a seemingly-impossible situation.

Glenn was trapped atop a dumpster, surrounded by dozens of zombies on either side next to a fidgety Nicholas. Then, Nicholas decided to take his own life and bring Glenn down into the zombie horde with him.

The audience then saw the zombies tear apart at a body while we watched Glenn’s face in horror.

Since then, fans have been arguing about Glenn’s fate. Though it looked like Glenn was at the end of the line, many pointed out that viewers were seeing Nicholas getting torn apart above Glenn.

Some popular opinions were that Glenn crawled under the dumpster nearby, and possibly got into the sewer. However, last week’s episode showed us Glenn wasn’t hiding out in the sewer after his wife Maggie went searching for him.

AMC even went as far as to remove actor Steven Yeun from the show’s opening credits.

Sunday night’s new episode showed us exactly what happened to Glenn.

Last chance to head back before spoilers from Sunday’s episode.

It turned out fans were right.

Glenn pulled himself underneath the dumpster, fended off walkers who tried to reach him with a knife, and magically was able to stay unharmed until all of the zombies disappeared.

Then, Carl’s mysterious crush Enid showed up to toss Glenn a water bottle.

Fans, as expected, were relieved and are freaking out.

If you read the comic series, you may not have been as surprised. AMC recently announced casting for the series’ next big villain, Negan, and fans know Glenn has a pretty big role when it comes to that character.

Welcome back.

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