There is an R-rated version of ‘The Walking Dead’ finale

Jeffrey dean morgan the walking dead finale

Warning: There are some minor spoilers for “The Walking Dead” season six finale ahead.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan finally made his big debut as the show’s next villain on “The Walking Dead” finale Sunday night.

While Morgan made for a convincing Negan, fans of the comic series may have been left wanting slightly more. One of Negan’s main trademarks is his overtly foul mouth. He likes to drop the f-bomb quite frequently (every other word or so) in the comics.

If you were slightly bummed by Negan’s toned-down vernacular for cable television, don’t worry.

Episode director Greg Nicotero tells Tech Insider you’ll be able to enjoy Negan in all his cursing glory. The crew made it a point to film two versions of the finale.

“Yes, we shot both,” Nicotero says. “That was one thing — you read the comic book and you’re just like, ‘Oh my God. How are we ever going to film this? Part of who he [Negan] is is he just throws his words out for extreme, dramatic punctuation. So we shot both versions. It added a little bit more time.”

Negan the walking dead
Here’s an example of Negan’s vernacular during his comic debut. Skybound/Image

Negan is introduced during the final minutes of the season six finale. His group of survivors, called the Saviors, line up Rick and his crew. As Negan delivers a grisly monologue, he decides to brutally kill one of Rick’s comrades with his beloved barbed wire-covered bat, Lucille.

The walking dead season 6 negan
Negan, delivering quite the monologue to Rick and the Alexandria crew. Gene Page/AMC

Nicotero says shooting two versions of the finale made things a little more difficult for Morgan.

“He [Morgan] had to learn two versions,” says Nicotero. “You start getting momentum going and you start doing the R-rated version … those words certainly have a lot more visceral impact. I think Jeffrey and I both agreed that we liked those takes and that version of the scene. We just felt that they had more power.”

The walking dead season 6 finale
Nicotero says it took two days to film this final scene. Gene Page/AMC

You’ll have to wait a little while to see the uncensored version of “The Walking Dead” finale.

“When the DVD comes out we’re going to have that version of the scene available with all the f-bombs,” says Nicotero.

There’s no release date yet for the season six Blu-ray and DVD.

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