There’s now proof that ‘Walking Dead’ fans hated that finale cliffhanger

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes on ‘The Walking Dead’ season-six finale. Gene Page/AMC

There’s now statistical proof that fans really disliked “The Walking Dead” season-six finale on Sunday.

Not that the fans hadn’t made themselves perfectly clear, but now there’s a report to prove it. Social media analysis company Canvs released results of measuring emotional reactions, or ERs, on Twitter during Sunday’s season finale.

The analysis shows two things. First, that the fans were really hanging on as AMC aired the 90-minute episode.

“The main ERs of the night fell into the ‘crazy’ (17.7%), ‘excited’ (9.0%), and ‘afraid’ (8.3%) categories, with ‘love’ leading the way at 18.2%,” the report states.

That’s interesting, because many of the show’s critics and fans felt the episode’s pace was very slow and probably didn’t need the extra 30 minutes. But the leading ER was “love”? The thing to look at here is how that compared to the show’s usual amount of “love.” The season’s average is 38.8%, according to the study, so Sunday’s season finale got 53% less “love” than usual.

The second thing the Canvs analysis shows is that “The Walking Dead” really lost fans with its cliffhanger ending for the season.

“In the closing moments of the finale, the predominant ERs were ‘crazy,’ ‘dislike,’ ‘hate,’ and ‘upset,’ accounting for more than 70% of all reactions (vs. 15.2% ‘love’ and 6.4% ‘good’).”

Well, duh, you may be thinking. But at least the fan hatred has been validated.

And if this study didn’t evince the fan annoyance enough, AMC felt the burn. The ratings for Sunday’s season finale fell double-digits from last season’s farewell.

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