A new 'Walking Dead' teaser may hint at a big character death and fans are freaking out

AMC aired a special for the upcoming season of “The Walking Dead” Sunday night and with it came a new clip sending fans into a frenzy.

At the end of the hour-long episode, a small clip showed Dwight (Austin Amelio) riding in on Daryl’s motorcycle. OK, no big deal right?

The stinger came when the camera focused on Dwight’s back to reveal he was wearing a vest, and not just any vest.

Take a look:

Here’s one more look.

Yeah. That’s Daryl Dixon’s vest.

Daryl-reedusGene Page/AMCDaryl’s vest when it had seen better days.

Why isn’t that good? As you may remember, the season six finale ended on a cliffhanger with a good majority of the cast lined up in front of new antagonist Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). The episode ended with Negan selecting one of the long-time cast members at random and bashing their skull in with a baseball bat.

The walking dead season 6 neganGene Page/AMCWho did Negan kill? That’s the question on every ‘The Walking Dead’ fan’s mind.


The kicker? Fans have to wait until season seven comes to find out who kicked the bucket. 

Sunday’s new clip featuring Dwight wearing Daryl’s vest didn’t reassure fans of his safety, so naturally they freaked out.





Of course, this doesn’t mean that Daryl bit the dust. Though it’s tough to see in the finale whether or not Daryl is wearing his iconic vest thanks to a cleverly placed blanket, I’m going to guess Dwight took that off his hands back when he first kidnapped Daryl. After all, he had already robbed him of his crossbow and motorcycle at this point. He’s just finishing up his Daryl Dixon fan collection at this point.

Daryl dixon the walking deadAMCDaryl had a blanket draped over him during the season six finale hiding whether or not he was wearing a vest.

I’m hoping this is just a red herring to throw fans off. Many are already thinking that may be what showrunner Scott Gimple and “The Walking Dead” team have in mind.

Plus, you can’t kill Daryl or the fanbase will riot. For now, fans will have to keep guessing who got nixed in the season six finale. 

“The Walking Dead” will return to AMC October 23 at 9 p.m. Until then, you can watch the clip from Sunday’s special episode of “Talking Dead”:

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