AMC Turned A Bunch Of Celebrities Into 'Walking Dead' Zombies

Though we have to wait until October 14 for the season three premiere of “The Walking Dead,” AMC just released some killer photos (pun intended) of a few celebrities getting the zombie treatment.

Special FX makeup designer and co-executive producer Greg Nicotero transformed a bunch of celebrities into the show’s famed “walkers” to promote the show’s ongoing venture with the American Red Cross to donate blood.  

See who AMC zombified: 

“The Hobbit” director, Peter Jackson:

peter jackson zombie

Photo: AMC screencap

 “Extra” TV host Maria Menounos: 

maria menounos zombie

Photo: AMC screencap

The Black Keys: 

the black keys zombies

Photo: AMC screencap

Jimmy Smits (“Sons of Anarchy”) looks unrecognizable:

jimmy smits zombie

Photo: AMC screencap

AMC also put out a “PZA” (Public Zombie Announcement) showing off the celeb photos under the clever campaign “Use Your Brains. Give Blood.”

The PZA will air on television as well, but you can check it out below:  

Check out a few more celebs including Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden and Kurt Busch as zombies over at AMC’s blog.

You can find out more on The American Red Cross Zombie Blood Drive campaign at amcgiveblood

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