Next Sunday's 'The Walking Dead' will have a nod to a fan-favourite moment from the comics

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for “The Walking Dead.”

Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead” ended with something comic fans have been waiting to see since Negan and Carl’s first exchange on the show in the season six finale.

When Jesus gets into a Saviour truck at the end of season seven, episode four to find Negan’s home, he’s surprised to see Carl already hiding out in there — a nod to a big moment from the comics.

Comic fans may have been a bit disappointed when they didn’t see Carl sneak off from Alexandria a week earlier in the Saviour trucks, but it looks like he’ll be heading to the Sanctuary compound now.

In issue #104 of the comics, a younger Carl sneaks into one of the trucks unbeknownst to his father or the Saviour crew. He takes a machine gun with him hoping to kill Negan. When he arrives at the Sanctuary and is inevitably discovered, Carl fires off a barrage of gunfire killing several of Negan’s men.

Carl the walking deadSkyboundThis Carl means business. In the comics, he hides underneath mattresses taken from Alexandria. On the show, the Saviors burned all the mattresses they took.
Carl negan walking deadSkyboundIt’s kind of funny seeing the juxtaposition between Carl’s tiny size and that of the full-grown Saviors here.

Instead of getting angry, Negan’s pretty impressed by the audacity of Rick’s child. He takes Carl under his wing and gives him a grand tour of the Sanctuary to show him how he runs the place. He shows Carl the many women he calls his wives, asks to see what’s under Carl’s eye bandage, and shows the kid what he does to one of his men when they step out of line — as we already know, he puts a hot iron to their face.

However, that’s what happened between Carl and Negan when only Carl made the trip to the Sanctuary, and at a much younger age.

Now that Carl’s a teen, it’s not clear whether those sort of antics would go unpunished. Unlike Carl in the comics though, this Carl won’t have a machine gun on him (as far as we know) when he arrives at the Sanctuary. Remember, Negan and his crew recently took all of Rick’s weapons during their recent raid of Alexandria.

Jesus is also joining Carl on this expedition so that should mix up how this trip will play out. In the comics, Jesus also ends up at the Sanctuary briefly, but it’s because he gets caught by Dwight and is brought there to speak with Negan. Jesus sneaks away before he’s brought to Negan and heads off to Alexandria to tell Rick he knows where the Sanctuary is located.

We’ll have to wait until next week to see how it all plays out, but it should be fun, albeit nervewracking, nonetheless.

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