Walker Stops Anti-Union Law After Judge’s Second Order

Scott Walker

[credit provider=”Wikimedia Commons” url=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Scott_Walker_2010.jpg”]

A Wisconsin judge today forced Gov. Scott Walker to stop implementing a law limiting collective bargaining rights for public workers, the AP reports. State officials said they would comply with the order and halt plans to stop deducting union dues and start taking higher health-care and pension contributions from worker paychecks.

The same judge issued an injunction last week, blocking the Secretary of State from publishing the law until she had considered whether Republican lawmakers had broken the state’s open-meetings law during the hasty passage of the bill earlier this month.

But Republicans convinced another state agency to publish the bill last week and declared that the law had gone into effect, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Thursday’s ruling clarifies that the law has not been published and therefore cannot be implemented.