Walgreens Is The Only Retailer Bringing Foursquare Coupons Right To Your Phone

Foursquare’s long offered unique discounts to users who check-in at participating retailers, but the social network’s ready to dig even deeper into the coupon-at-the-ready market. 

Much like other coupon apps that allow users to load discounts from smartphones and scan them in-store, FourSquare’s rolling out the feature in an exclusive deal with Walgreens. 

The offer’s available for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry users and doesn’t require any extra steps like printing, texting or unlocking special badges.

Once you’ve checked in at participating stores, you can click to download the deal instantly to your phone, along with a scannable barcode.

Walgreens already offers mobile coupons via its own well-received smartphone app, which launched on Black Friday last year. The drugstore received half a million downloads in the month of December alone. 

It’s also one of the handiest apps on the market to simplify visits to the pharmacy. Like having the store in your pocket, the app enables you to refill prescriptions, transfer prescriptions between pharmacies, set up reminders to take pills, search products and download the weekly circular. Download it here.

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