Gareth Bale scored the first goal for Wales against England in 32 years  --  and it's a 35-yard rocket

In perhaps one of the biggest matches in British soccer history, Wales jumped ahead with a 1-0 lead over England at Euro 2016 on Thursday. England went on to win the match 2-1.

But 42 minutes in, with the score 0-0, Welsh winger Gareth Bale nailed a free kick from about 35 yards out to give Wales the lead and its first goal against England since 1984 — thirty-two years!

The kick was a rocket, though not perfectly placed. England’s wall could have defended it better and English goalie Joe Hart got his hand on the ball, but couldn’t stop it from drooping into the net.

Nonetheless, it was an awesome moment for the underdogs, who have been shut out by England in their last four meetings since beating them 1-0 in 1984.

Watch the goal below:

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