Walmart Worker Says She Was Fired For Trying To Save Dog In Hot Car

carla cheney walmart worker

A former Wal-Mart employee complains she was fired for calling the police on a customer who allegedly left his dog locked in a car on a hot day. 

Canadian worker Carla Cheney told CBC that she noticed a customer leaving his dog in a car with the windows rolled up. 

When the customer hadn’t returned to his car 10 minutes later, she called police, she told CBC. An officer used the licence plate number to track down the customer in the store. 

The customer complained, and said he wouldn’t be shopping there anymore, she said. 

Shortly after, Cheney says she was fired for “being rude to a customer.” 

“Now I’m worried that other associates won’t say anything and they’ll be afraid that they’ll lose their job if they do say something,” Cheney told CBC. “I thought I was doing the right thing.”

Walmart Canada told CBC that it has specific guidelines for dealing with situations like Cheney’s and is reviewing them with employees. 

Cheney’s supporters have created a Facebook group in her honour. It has more than 6,000 members. 

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