Applicants For Jobs At The New DC Walmart Face Worse Odds Than People Trying To Get Into Harvard

A new Wal-Mart store in Washington D.C. has been inundated with applications for associates.

The store is currently combing through more than 23,000 applications for 600 available positions, reports NBC Washington.

That means that Wal-Mart will be able to hire one person for every 38 applications it receives — i.e., just 2.6% of applicants will walk out with a job.

That’s more difficult than getting into Harvard. The Ivy League university accepts 6.1% of applicants.

This Wal-Mart’s opening in the Capitol has already been controversial.

The retail giant threatened it wouldn’t open in the D.C. area if Mayor Vincent Grey signed a living wage bill, NBC reports.

The bill would have required businesses to pay a minimum of $US12.50 an hour.

But the bill was vetoed, and now minimum wage stands at $US8.50 an hour.

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