BUSTED: Walmart Stiffing Consumers On Gift Receipt Returns


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Walmart —that ubiquitous retailer we all love to hate — is catching flack yet again for allegedly cheating consumers out of cash back on their gift receipt returns. The whole point of remembering to get a gift receipt for holiday purchases is to give the recipient the chance to return it for something he or she likes better for the same price.

But Walmart has been accused of a faulty return system that leaves customers with far less than the full price of their returns. 

Portland, Ore. news station KATU launched an investigation into the mega-store’s gift receipt policies, along with competitors Target and Fred Meyer. 

The station sent reporter Shellie Bailey-Shah to the stores to return Halloween products that went on sale after the holiday passed.

Target and Fred Meyer had no problem refunding her returns for the full amount, despite their lowered retail value.

But Walmart’s cashier tripped up trying to scan the gift receipts and later told the reporter the store’s computer system “always has trouble with them” — a statement Walmart has since refuted.

In the end, Bailey-Shah walked out with only $79 of the $92 she originally paid for. 

This isn’t the first time Walmart has kicked up controversy over its gift return practices. In May, a CBS affiliate in Sacramento, Calif. went undercover with a hidden camera to show the retailer shortchanging customers on gift receipt returns. 

A California consumer attorney has also launched a class action lawsuit against the retailer, KATU reports, asking it to turn over records for returns over the last few years. 

Maybe you’ll be better off spending your Black Friday dollars at mum ‘n pop shops after all. 

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