Waitress Baffled By Bogus $US200,000 Tip

A waitress wants answers from a customer who apparently tried to give her a $US200,000 tip.

The waitress, who only wants to go by the name Sara, told local St. Louis, Missouri TV station Fox2 that a party of three people, two women and one man, recently came into her restaurant.

As she delivered the bill, one of the women reportedly told her: “I will be your guardian angel today. You’ve never seen a person like me. You’ve never had a table like me. This will change your life.”

When the woman left, Sara noticed she had written in a $US200,000 tip.

However, Sara was disappointed to find that the bank rejected the exorbitant amount.

She said she hopes someone will step forward and reveal the identity of the fraudulent tipper.

Here’s a copy of the receipt, which the waitress posted to Reddit.

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