10 Things That Could Still Go Wrong With The Economy (SLIDESHOW)

The recent buoyancy of the financial markets has created a sense of calm about the economy. The overall sense of panic has gone. 

But there’s still a wariness in the air, a feeling that the fragile “green shoots” of the recovery might be stomped out by some new crisis. People are waiting for the next shoe to drop.

Here we suggest 10 things that might stymie our recovery.  Some are purely financial events. Others are geopolitical. And one involves these little piggies.

Did your favourite nightmare scenario make the cut?

  1. Swine Flu second wave
  2. Commercial real estate collapse
  3. The OptionARM explosion
  4. Global food crisis
  5. Israel bombs Iran
  6. A wave of municipal defaults
  7. Another bank run
  8. Runaway inflation
  9. North Korean missile launch
  10. Chinese financial crisis


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