Waiting For HD DVD Fire Sale? S.O.L.

Hopeing to get an HD DVD version of “Anchorman” for a low, low price? Best Buy (BBY) isn’t going to give you the chance.

The giant electronics chain has yanked its remaining HD DVD titles from its shelves, rather than trying to extract a few more dollars out of the would-be next-gen DVD format. The store had been offering a 30% discount on HD DVD titles, but at about $21 per movie. But that’s still a lot to pay for a dead medium.

Circuit City (CC) locations are also reportedly sending back titles to distributorss. But, if you did buy a player from Circuit City, you can trade it in for store credit (as long as you bought in the last 80 days). And if you bought one from Best Buy, you can get a $50 gift card, provided that you purchased it before Feb. 23.

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