A NYC Restaurant Created A Perfectly Wall Street Steak Special For New Years Eve

We’ve been looking around for New Year’s Eve specials that will put a twinkle in a Wall Streeter’s eye for a few weeks now, and we think we’ve found a solid winner for the banker/steak lover.

The deal had to be at once delicious, and slightly over-the-top. Extra, but not (completely) tacky.

And so in that spirit, we feel compelled to highlight BLT Prime’s special — a $US320, 72-ounce Sher Farms Wagyu Tomahawk Chop.

Two things about this every banker/steak lover will understand from jump. Wagyu is the must expensive, decadent steak you can buy. And the Tomahawk Chop — it’s basically the granddaddy of steak cuts. It’s for sharing, for eating and then for taking one home.

The only steakhouse that has something comparable to this all year around is the venerable institution Old Homestead, which will happily serve you a $US350 12 oz. Wagyu cut on your private plane, if you so desire.

Now — an important note to the steak purists: This ‘Australian’ Wagyu is crossbred with Holstein steers (51% Wagyu, 49% Holstein to be exact). Argue about the merits of that in the comments, send me angry emails if you want to, either way it means you get a massive cut.

It should also be noted that BLT Prime’s head chef will happily carve your initials into your steak’s bone with a Dremel.

Eat responsibly.

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