Golfers’ Wives And Girlfriends Are Taking Over The President’s Cup

Right now, a bunch of the PGA guys are playing at the President’s Cup in Ohio. It’s a more laid-back competition, and the guys are having fun, and so are their wives and girlfriends. The tournament is so laid-back that the focus seems to be all on the ladies (as it often is).

Let’s face it, when there’s not much on the line, golf can be boring; and Lindsey Vonn putting a squirrel on Tiger Woods’ shoulder is funny.

Here’s Vonn, and Jason Dufner’s wife Amanda at the opening ceremonies. All the guys wear the same suit since they’re on a team together, and the women support the team by all wearing the same dress too:

President's cup gala

Sybi Kuchar, Lindsey Vonn, and Fred Couples’ girlfriend Nadine Moze wore matching outfits in support of their significant others’ team:

Lindsay vonn syby kuchar nadine moze president's cup

They even ride around on the golf carts watching other players. This is Keegan Bradley with his girlfriend Jillian Stacey, and Tigs and Lindz:

Matt kuchar tiger woods lindsey vonn

Some of the most memorable photos captured also include the ladies. This one of a stray ball coming their way is hilarious:

Tiger woods

And Lindsey Vonn posed with former president George W. Bush:

On Thursday afternoon, Vonn pranked her boyfriend Woods by putting a baby squirrel on his shoulder. People were still golfing at this point but the cameras focused completely on Vonn’s antics:

Tiger squirrel gif

All in all, this is a laid-back tournament, and everyone is having tons of fun:

Unfortunately, Dustin Johnson isn’t playing, so Paulina Gretzky is nowhere to be seen:

Paulina gretzky at PGA Championship