This Map Shows Where You're Most Likely To Find A Waffle House

As an Atlanta native, Waffle House and its iconic assortment of greasy comfort foods is near and dear to my heart. As it happens, Atlanta also has the highest concentration of Waffle House locations in America.

According to a map published on Tumblr by mapsbynik (under a creative commons licence), there are a whopping 132 locations where Atlantans can get their fill of the chain’s infinitely customisable hash-browns and eponymous waffles. As of summer 2012, Atlanta is home to roughly 11% of all Waffle House locations.

Mapsbynik explains on his blog that he mapped Waffle House locations using Google Earth, with the map divided into a series of USGS 30X60 minute (1:100,000) map quad boundaries. Density is visualized by the height of each yellow box.

Although Waffle House’s ubiquitous presence in Atlanta is not too surprising considering the company is headquartered in nearby Norcross, the overwhelming number of locations in that quadrant is notable, mapsbynik writes. It significantly beat out Cartersville, which includes most of Atlanta’s highly populated northern suburbs.

Here are the top 15 quadrants with the most Waffle House locations, according to mapsbynik:

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