Wade Robson Says Michael Jackson Sexually Abused Him For 7 Years—Here's Today's Buzz

NBC Today Show screencapRobson claims Michael Jackson told him to keep quiet.

  • Choreographer Wade Robson went on NBC’s “Today” Show claiming Michael Jackson sexually abused him from age 7 until 14. Back in 2005, he testified Jackson didn’t touch him.
  • Shakira is leaving “The Voice” after one season. Christina Aguilera will return to take her place.
  • Hugh Hefner bought a $5 million mansion for 27-year-old wife Crystal Harris.
  • Time Warner Cable is considering buying a stake in Hulu. Walt Disney, News Corp., and Comcast each own a third of the video streaming site.
  • The final ninth season of “How I Met Your Mother” will take place over the course of one weekend.

Watch Robson’s “Today” show confession below:

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Wade Robson — Michael Jackson Forced Me to Have Sex and to Keep Quiet – Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

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