Wade Michael Page Had To Pass A Range Of Tough Tests To Join The Army's Elite Psychological Operations

wade michael pageWade Michael Page

Photo: MySpace/EndApathy

Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page had “no business” being in the Army’s psychological operations, a psychiatrist told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.Page, a white supremacist who killed six Sikhs and then himself Sunday, was discharged from the Army following multiple incidents of misconduct.

In the Army, Page belonged to the elite Psychological Operations, which requires soldiers to “get into the heads of the enemy,” John Liebert, a psychiatrist who works with the military, told the Journal Sentinel.

Page had to pass a range of tough tests and train for 24 weeks to get into PSYOPS, Liebert said.

“These guys aren’t just shining lights. They are beacons,” he told the Journal Sentinel.

But Page had a range of psychological problems – including heavy drinking and suicidal behaviour – that should have barred him from being in the Army at all, let alone in such a sensitive position, Liebert said.

“Page had no business being in the military, especially in a sensitive job like psychological operations specialist,” Liebert told the Journal Sentinel. “This guy was not peeling potatoes.”

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