Gun Shop Owner: Sikh Temple Shooter 'Raised No Eyebrows Whatsoever'

wade michael page nazi flagWade Michael Page

Photo: Myspace via Denver Westword Blogs

The man accused of killing six Sikhs last weekend at a Milwaukee-area temple seemed completely normal when he bought a handgun a week before the attack.Wade Michael Page did not seem dangerous to Shooters Shop owner Kevin Nugent when he bought a 9 mm handgun on July 28, The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday.

“He didn’t have a shaved head or 9/11 tattoo,” Nugent told the Times. “He didn’t talk stupid or act stupid. He raised no eyebrows whatsoever.”

Page, who appeared calm in the store, passed all of the necessary background checks and legally purchased the gun, a Springfield Armory XDM with three 19-round ammunition magazines.

“All the proper channels for authorization were followed,” Nugent told the Times. “Nothing we could do would have stopped this.”

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