WA senator Rod Culleton has quit One Nation

Senator Rod Culleton at a media conference in November 2016. Source: Screenshot/ Sky News.

Western Australian Senator Rod Culleton has resigned from Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party (PHON).

Culleton will continue his term as a senator for Western Australia independently of One Nation, although his eligibility to stand at the last election is currently subject to a High Court challenge.

The senator blamed a lack of respect from party colleagues, and leader Pauline Hanson with her “public rants” and “irrational dictates” as motivations for parting from the political party.

“Policy decisions have been run in morning media, with no consultation, discussion or agreement from the party room and personal attacks and undermining, un-Australian behaviour towards myself and my team, has been ongoing and terms dictated to the team,” Culleton said in a statement posted to his Twitter account.

“I can no longer tolerate the lack of party support for my positive initiatives, including the recent abandonment of PHON’s pre-election commitment to a banking royal commission.

“Since my election to the Senate, I have consistently remained committed to all of the policies and pre-election promises, however my PHON Senate colleague’s public record, shows they have not.

“I would have thought it reasonable to expect some measure of support or at the very least, some discretion and respect from the party leader and my party colleagues – there has been none.”

See the full statement here.

Last month the government’s backpacker tax was thrown into chaos after Culleton crossed the floor and backed Labor in an amendment to cut the rate from the proposed 15% rate to 10.5%.

In the same month his position came under under a cloud after gave a bizarre press conference in which he said if he ends up facing the High Court over claims that he was ineligible to stand at the July 2 election, he’s not sure if he’ll turn up.

He proceeded to invoked Harry Potter, shearing sheep, veggie patches, taking scones, grabbing tigers, scoring 100 in cricket and getting “dog shit” on boots as he attempted to defend himself. Read more on that here.

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