WA Senate Seats Will Finally Be Decided 210 Days After The Election

Getty/ Paul Kane

Western Australians have voted 3 times in just over a year.

In that same time there has been one recount, 1370 lost ballots, an Australian Electoral Commission investigation and 2 AEC resignations.

And just this week, another 75 pre-poll votes were declared invalid after an unsecured ballot box was used, breaching proper procedure.

But for the second time in Australian history a Senate re-election will be held today to determine Western Australia’s six seat seats.

The AEC, which will be under sharp scrutiny, is hoping there will be no more mistakes when Western Australians takes to the ballots to make their final vote of this election saga.

But many have raised their concerns that voter fatigue could lead to a low voter turnout.

WA Labor Senator Louise Pratt said her “biggest worry is that people will forget that there’s an election on and won’t come to vote.”

AEC spokesman Phil Diak explained a low turn-out would be the result of early voting encouragement rather than voter fatigue.

Late campaign whispers suggest the original polling result — 3 Liberals, 1 Labor, 1 Sports Party and 1 Green — could see a shake up, speculating the Liberals could lose the third seat to Labor in a result that could make the numbers in the Senate potentially testing for Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Abbott has urged West Australians not to vote for minor parties and to back Liberal policies on the mining and carbon taxes, while Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says voting for the Coalition will just end in more cuts to school funding.

A record number of 75 candidates will contest today’s election, up from 65 in September.

A result could be announced as soon as tomorrow.

SBS and the ABC have more.

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