WA was the biggest winner from the $5.6 billion Rio Tinto paid in Australian tax last year

Image: Paula Bronstein / Getty Images.

Rio Tinto is Australia’s 11th largest company by market capitalization, worth approximately $26 billion.

But in a report issued today outlining Rio’s $9 billion global tax bill, the company highlighted that it paid (“contributed”, in its language) $5.634 billion in Australian tax in 2014.

Rio says that based on the latest available Australian Tax Office data for 2012, it represented approximately 9% of the total A$38.7 billion in company taxes paid that year.

That’s a lot of tax for one firm.

Of course the Commonwealth gains the lion’s share of the tax take but the big winner is WA which received $1.689 billion in Royalty payments within its total take of $1.836 billion. That’s 32.6% of the total tax and royalties paid in 2014.

Here’s where they paid all their taxes in 2014.

Source: Rio Tinto

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