This Is The New iPhone Video App Everyone's Talking About Today

vyclone iphone app

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

Vyclone is a new iPhone app that automatically edits video shot with multiple devices.When you shoot a video, the app recognises your location and stitches your clip with ones others took of the same event. 

Check out how Vyclone got started here >

For example, if you shoot a video at a concert at the same time as other Vyclone users, the app will create a minute-long video using multiple camera angles. 

And it’s fast. As soon as all parties upload their videos, Vyclone creates an edited version in just a few minutes. You can then store the video on your iPhone, share it on Twitter or Facebook, or post to YouTube.

We’ve been using Vyclone for a few days. The tech behind the app is pretty impressive, but it’s going to need a lot more users to be useful. You can’t unlock its full potential unless other people are shooting the same event at the same time.

You can download Vyclone for free here.

Here's the Vyclone icon. Tap to open.

You can sign in with Facebook or create your own account with your email address.

If you create your own account, you can log in here.

You can find your Twitter or Facebook friends on Vyclone, or just start using the app.

Vyclone needs to know your location in order to find other users shooting video nearby.

Here's the home screen. You can check out recently uploaded videos from other Vyclone users here.

Oh look! There's the video we shot yesterday! Let's make a new one. Tap the red camera button at the bottom to start.

You can only take 1 minute of video at a time. The icon in the bottom left tells you how many other Vyclone users are shooting with you. Up to four people can shoot at once.

Tap the filters button to choose from a variety of Instagram-like filters.

When you're finished shooting you can upload your video right away, or wait until later. (If you're not connected to Wi-Fi, it's best to wait until later so you don't eat up your data plan.)

We were connected to Wi-Fi, so we uploaded our clip.

Now we wait. As other people nearby upload their videos, the clips will show here. Next, Vyclone will edit your video.

If you don't like the result you can edit the video yourself. You can also have Vyclone recut the clips.

Here's what the video editor looks like. Each clip shows up in these four rectangles.

Here's what a finished Vyclone video looks like:

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