Here's how vulnerable the US is to hackers compared to the rest of the world

Screen Shot 2016 06 09 at 11.56.13 AMrapid7Heat map of vulnerable servers

An information security firm created a “heat map of the internet” to identify the countries most vulnerable to hackers.

The firm, Rapid7, scanned the internet for vulnerable servers and then ranked 50 countries based on their exposure to potential cyberattacks.

Belgium topped the list for the most exposed country in the world. The U.S. came in at number 14.

At the bottom of the list: Vietnam.

Rapid7 scanned every public-facing IP address across the internet and then analysed the services each offered.

The report found that the vulnerability to hacking attacks is proportional to the number of services offered by a server. In other words, links and portals to other servers act as backdoors through which a hacker can access an otherwise secure site.

Here’s the complete list of countries, from most vulnerable to the least:

1. Belgium

2. Tajikistan

3. Samoa

4. Australia

5. China

6. Hong Kong

7. Dominican Republic

8. Afghanistan

9. South Africa

10. Ethiopia

11. Kenya

12. Gabon

13. France

14. United States

15. Mozambique

16. Japan

17. Qatar

18. Yemen

19. Russian Federation

20. Argentina

21. Maldives

22. Azerbaijan

23. United Kingdom

24. Turkmenistan

25. Algeria

26. Korea, Republic of

27. Peru

28. Nigeria

29. Turkey

30. Hungary

31. Malaysia

32. Congo

33. Taiwan, Province of China

34. Czech Republic

35. Bahamas

36. Latvia

37. Ukraine

38. Slovenia

39. Austria

40. Croatia

41. Denmark

42. Luxembourg

43. Israel

44. Macedonia

45. Pakistan

46. Cyprus

47. Germany

48. Switzerland

49. Singapore

50. Vietnam

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