Ezra Klein Teams Up With Vox To Launch Combination News Site And Encyclopedia

Vox Media, the parent company of SB Nation and The Verge, has recruited former Washington Post journalist Ezra Klein. Together, they’re launching a news site.

Temporarily dubbed “Project X,” the site will have a number of reporters who will provide expert analysis in a number of fields. They’ll continue to update the same posts over and over again, like Wikipedia pages on each topic, to cover news quickly and accurately as it breaks.

A job description over at Vox explains the site’s vision:

Project X (working title) is a user’s guide to the news produced by the beat reporters and subject area experts who know it best.

We’ll have regular coverage of everything from tax policy to True Detective, but instead of letting that reporting gather dust in an archive, we’ll use it to build and continuously update a comprehensive set of explainers of the topics we cover. We want to create the single best resources for news consumers anywhere.

We’ll need writers who are obsessively knowledgeable about their subjects to do that reporting and write those explainers — as well as ambitious feature pieces. We’ll need D3 hackers and other data viz geniuses who can explain the news in ways words can’t. We’ll need video producers who can make a two-minute cartoon that summarizes the Volcker rule perfectly. We’ll need coders and designers who can build the world’s first hybrid news site/encyclopedia. And we’ll need people who want to join Vox’s great creative team because they believe in making ads so beautiful that our readers actually come back for them too.

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