Vox Media voluntarily recognises employee editorial union

Vox Media
  • Vox Media now officially recognises its editorial union.
  • Vox joins several other digital media companies that have unionized over the past several years.

Vox Media management has voluntarily recognised the legitimacy of its employee union.

After almost two months of meetings with representatives from the Writers Guild of America East, the committee to organise the union announced Wednesday that the company would officially recognise a bargaining unit.

“We look forward to working with union representatives and our employees to continue to make Vox Media the best modern media company,” a company spokesperson told Business Insider.

Management had publicly said it was open to the prospect of a union, but talks had slowed as the two sides negotiated over whether individual employees should be permitted to join the editorial union. Organisers had taken actions including organizational happy hours, lunches, and a “Slack Strike” to push management to voluntarily recognise a larger bargaining unit.

“We have worked hard to form a unit that represents the people who build this company every day and want to look out for each other,” the Vox Media Union Organising Committee said in a statement. “That work has finally paid off.”

Vox joins several other digital media newsrooms that have formed employee unions.

Staffers at Vice, HuffPost, and Thrillist successfully voluntarily unionized in the past several years.

Other newsrooms have faced headwinds after attempting to form a union.

Gothamist and DNAinfo shut down last year after their editorial employees voted to unionize, and staffers attempting to form a union at the Los Angeles Times have faced harsh words from management following their unionization drive.

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