Why LeBron James's Personal DJ Uses Vowch, A Hot New Social Recommendation App

the social discovery app co-founded by 90s rapper Jesse Itzler, seems to be becoming a staple on the phones of arguably some of the coolest people in the U.S.

Its all-star list of users include LeBron James’ DJ, DJ Steph Floss, Shawty Slim, Rev Run, and prominent investor Mark Cuban.

“From music to restaurants to getaways, etc, the users are essentially helping each other become more familiar with things they may not have been so familiar with,” DJ Steph Floss, who has vowched over 300 times, says. “Unlike other platforms, which are seemingly a popularity contest, Vowch is about immediate and authentic influence and I love it.”

On Vowch, users “vowch” (yes, the proper spelling is “vouch”) for things they like, be that songs, artists, gadgets, restaurants, TV shows, movies, etc. When you “vowch” something, you get to pick the image, description, and even add video, links, songs, or maps.

Countless apps have tried to tackle the social recommendations space, but Vowch seems to be doing well so far. Vowch isn’t currently sharing any user numbers or growth statistics, but Apple has continuously been featured as one of the best new apps in the social networking category since last month. That usually drives a lot of downloads.

Though, it’s worth mentioning that Vowch has yet to monetise its platform. That’s because, Vowch says, it wants to first focus on creating a great product.

I’ve been using Vowch for the last couple of weeks or so and I’ve been pleased with what I’ve discovered so far. I only follow 10 people, including Jesse Itzler, Mark Cuban, Pitbull, Rev Run, Sara Blakely, Shawty Slim, and DJ Steph Floss, but I’ve already discovered some pretty cool stuff.

Check out DJ Steph Floss’s Vowch profile below:

Here’s my Vowch profile:

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